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Flyer Spotlight: Sea Foam

3 months ago | automotive products

Flyer Spotlight: Sea Foam




This month get your hands on the core Sea Foam products!

APC is offering Sea Foam High Mileage, Motor Treatment, Deep Creep, Fuel Injector Cleaner, Sea Foam Spray (A classic!), and the Marine Pro Fuel!

With a lot of vehicles put away for the winter, it’s time to bring those beauties out of hiding! The two products we recommend to get your motor ready for spring would be the Sea Foam Motor Treatment & the Fuel Injector Cleaner, both of these products top the cake in ease of use and outcome!

The Sea Foam Motor Treatment is good for nearly every engine, from your weed eater, motorcycle and even on your agriculture fleet!

The Motor Treatment: SF-16 

·      Cleans fuel injector and carburetor passageways

·      Cleans intake valve and chamber deposits

·      Lubricates upper cylinders

·      Works in crankcase oil to liquefy harmful residues & deposits

·      Stabilizes gas & diesel fuels up to 2 years

·      Sea Foam absorbs small amounts of water, allowing it to be burned up in the combustion chamber without issue

·      For any gas or diesel fuel blend

·      For all motor oils, conventional and synthetic

Find out how to use Sea Foam in Fuel


Our other recommendation is the Sea Foam Fuel Injector Cleaner! Small package, Big punch!

·      Add to fuel to help clean fuel injectors & restore injector spray patterns

·      Adds lubricity to upper cylinders

·      Helps recover lost MPG & reduce exhaust emissions

·      Concentrated formula treats up to 25 gallons

·      Easy-to-pour bottle – works for capless tanks!

·      Safe for all types of gasoline fuel injection engines

 Looking forward to an amazing spring! Let’s hear those motors!

Pop into your nearest APC store to purchase Sea Foam! Or to make a convenient purchase,  check out our online catalogue accessed through autopartscentres.com, apccat.com. Both require an APC account to gain access. Reach out to your APC store to find out how you can be a member!